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is horrendous for america every day as retirees, students and middle-class-teams suffer, it is unbelievably good for bank profits. you have a rigged game in which all the money comes to you. of course, a portion of those ill-gotten profits do have to go to politicians and lobbyists. so that they can keep this legal. and that is the most formidable foe we face, america. 1500 wall street lobbyists as we speak, descending on washington to fight senator blanche lincoln's derivatives reform, simply because it calls for everything to be done in public. a transparent exchange, kind of like the stock market, it's crazy. fixing our financial system requires two things -- an actual plan to insure banks don't get too big to fail. and the courage to actually do it. join joining us now, republican senator, bob corker of tennessee, a member of the banking committee. senator corker, how do we end too big to fail, in your opinion? >> well, you've raised a lot of issues here, dylan, it's good to see you here on the camera. look, at the end of the day, one of the things i think you do have to have in place, is a
and popularity you have there across america, why have you not led the charge to force the fed to release all of the e-mails that it has with aig, with goldman sachs, in other words begin a popular crusade just as you in effect created the tea party on a specific issue of transparency of the fed so we can understand what the fed thought what they did, and why they did it? do you think there's any possibility of success there? >> i think we've actually accomplished that by getting such a strong endorsement for auditing the fed. you know, when you ask for narrow records, i see looking at all the records so i've taken a broader brush. i want to know everything about it. i want to know who they loaned money to like foreign governments and foreign central banks and international financial institutions and private things. the things you mentioned are right and correct but i know all that plus more. what they would like you to do is look at some of these lending agencies and we better give you some of that information and that will satisfy everybody. we need a much broader investigation. >> just so
and in washington. the show starts right now. >>> good afternoon. in america today, the political games continue over financial reform despite the very real effect this back and forth has on us. the senate goldman sachs hearing shining that much more light on the shenanigans that continue to this day to play out on wall street. nearly two years after the financial meltdown and subsequent an ongoing tax funded pare bailouts. both republicans and democrats are united on one front. both want to appear, appear, to be angry at the big banks. >> how much of that deal did you sell to your clients after -- >> two things i'm getting, number one, nobody's done anything wrong. this was the natural disaster like a hurricane hit. >> we're trying to hone in on why we've got so many unemployed people in my state and why so many people in missouri have lost incredible amounts of money in their pensions. >> we're learning more about goldman, that they urnled saleses people to -- that goldman was exposed to by dumping goldman's investments on to unwitting clients, that goldman in theory was paid to represent. thi
-start a national debate that we all know is coming on america's relationship with illegal immigrants. >>> plus, a mystery mission to space -- what exactly is the air force doing with the secret x-37 b? show starts right now. >>> well in america today, we find ourselves amid a battle for the soul of our democratic party. the one that is in power in this country. will that party succomb to the influence and money from wall street? or will they actually work for the american people and deliver a bill that fixes the fundamentally fatal flaws that nearly took down our entire economy two years ago? and continues to rig the game in their favor against the interests of every american business to this day? those same flaws that continue to threaten our country each and every day. you and i both know that banking committee chairman chris dodd is negotiating behind closed doors with his republican counterpart, richard shelby to reach agreement on a bill that will produce 60 votes. the intention, to rush it to the floor with no debate on the obvious and blatant flaws in the legislation that perpetrate the
for everybody in america to have security? and the mechanism, the reality of our military engagement in iraq and afghanistan? and whether, in fact -- at what point it is beneficial and what point it is detrimental? how do you answer that question? >> that's a gigantic question. at the time the mission in the iraq, we were losing the mission that the point. and that's what ended up happening. the mission to protect the population. therefore, an operation like this went against the very mission we were -- there's probably more examples of u.s. troops in the streets to protect civilians and not engaging and we are taking casualties. >> i have no doubt for that. i don't think anybody in the conversation i hope is seeking to indict either soldiers or military. i think it's understandable going to the old suicide by cop na narrative and you can see where it happens but the bigger question is, if we are trying to secure our nation and we are spending $12 billion a month on war in the middle east, and we're working our way towards $8 trillion and talking about 100,000 dead iraqis i can keep going. w
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goal. america's beverage companies have removed full-calorie soft drinks from schools, reducing beverage calories by 88%. together with schools, we're helping kids make more balanced choices every day. ♪ >>> welcome back. new debate about orders and deeds on the far right and some tough questions about the u.s. plan for iran's nuclear program. we begin with a fight over the tea party and legacy of the oklahoma city bombing on its anniversary today. survivors and victims' relatives gathered at the memorial side to remember the 168 people killed in that attack which happened 15 years ago today. bill clinton sparked a fierce exchange with rush limbaugh after he said extremist rhetoric from groups like the tea party can promote extremist action that led to the bombings. take a listen. >> the words we use really do matter. there is this vast echo chamber and they go across space and they fall on the serious and the deleerous alike. >> with this comment you have set the stage for violence in this country. any future acts of violence are on your shoulders, mr. clinton. >> do you have
toys for the rich. how about a $3 million iphone -- anyone? the show starts right now. >>> in america today, the president headed to wall street, trying to close the sale of a plan he claims will reform our nation's banking system. the president, flanked by americans who have suffered because of big bank deception, homeowners whose mortgages are under water, although you could argue they shouldn't have taken those mortgages. credit card holders hit with 25% interest rates. and a baltimore woman who was charged with $148 in overdraft fees in one month. also in the audience, the faces of the greed that caused the financial crisis. men like goldman sachs ceo lloyd blankfein. the president's message to wall street -- get on board. >> we don't have want to have an economy that, that addressing the underlying problems. >> the president putting the blame squarely on those who took the risky bets in secret, with our money. they continue to do it to this very day. >> a free market was never meant to be a free license to take whatever you can get, however you can get it. what happens in waults
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was involved in cdo's, or merrill lynch before it became bank of america. all of those companies involved in the creation of these cdo's play all sides. as former governor spitzer mentioned in the comment that you ran. and because they play both sides, there is ample room for deception. there's ample incentive for deception. there's been a huge transfer of wealth in this deception. everything that paulson made out of this particular charged abacus deal was lost by the pension funds and the municipalities and whoever else invested in it. it was a zero-sum gain. it was a direct transfer, cluesively and hiddenly, of wealth. >> at what point, richard blumenthal, do we see criminal charges? >> i think that the claims of fraud here and those are the civil charges in this s.e.c. lawsuit, would entail probably at some point, consideration of criminal charges. but they will also lead, dylan, i think, to the united states congress adopting the kinds of reforms that are absolutely necessary, again long overdue, to make sure that these derivatives are sold in a way that the public knows about them. i
to do this one. senator ron widen on the job. >>> plus the fight over america's future in space. >>> plus, or excuse me, public versus private in space. and president obama versus neil armstrong, we'll mix it up. >>> and some advice on getting rich quick. we all know cheating and rigging the game is the best way to do it. >> learn from rate cheaters like aig. alex rodriguez. rod blagojevich. amazing hair. >> nour town square, the author of a new book that helps you cheat your way to the top. it's a heck of a lot easier than working or investing. we'll be right back. [ woman ] nine iron, it's almost tee-time. time for new zyrtec® liquid gels. they work fast. so i can get relief from the pollen that used to make me sneeze. with new zyrtec® liquid gels, i get allergy relief at liquid speed. that's the fast, powerful relief of zyrtec®, now in a liquid gel. zyrtec® is the fastest 24-hour allergy medicine. so i'm ready by the first hole. with new zyrtec® liquid gels, i can love the air®. [ male announcer ] this week only, save up to $12 on zyrtec® products at and i
of mistakes we've seen in the last few years in america and it's not a pretty picture for the people in charge. either on wall street or in the capitol. >> listen, congressman, we appreciate your efforts on our behalf to correct for the con and get the money back and fix this system. and, bill, thank you, for your journalism and your efforts to make sure people actually understand how this happened, truly. bill fleckenstein, thank you. >>> coming up here on the "dylan ratigan show" -- new details about the company that owns that upper, big branch mine. stock up fivefold. profits doubled. has safety violations exploded. maybe, maybe or maybe not a correlation there. >>> also can obama succeed where clinton failed? news that president obama may unveil an american plan for peace in the middle east. it's only been a few thousand years. perhaps this man is the man. stayfree® with thermocontrol™ quickly wicks moisture away for exceptional dryness. thermocontrol™ only from stayfree®. i switched to a complete multivitamin with more. only one a day men's 50+ advantage... has gingko for memory and
powertrain warranty. with roadside assistance and courtesy transportation, it's the best coverage in america. >>> good afternoon. i'm dylan ratigan. today the washington summit in washington. treaties are abundant these days but do they help fight terrorist? i don't know. can diplomatic agreements stop the likes of al qaeda from getting their hands on nukes? plus, clear skies and sunshine. that's a conventional wisdom for our nation's economic forecast today. look at the magazines. look at the indexes. dow above 11,000. looking good. we'll explain how that is happening and what it really means in the moments to come and conan o'brien with a brand new gig and a good one at that. the show starts right now. >>> good monday afternoon to you. before we get into america today, can we just take a second here and share with each other how much fun it was to have the governor for a couple days hosting this tv show asking questions. thank you, governor. we hope to see you soon. in our country you're hearing about nukes the past few days. more nukes here and there. treaties here and there and stopping
with america, a set of specific proposals from the republican party, that were, released about six weeks before the '94 mid-term elections. and guess what happened? the house of representatives flipped from democrats to republicans for the first time in 40 years. there is a precedent here for the republican party to run on ideas. >> yeah, i couldn't agree more. and the end the mediocrity of some of these proposals, strikes me that there's a huge opportunity to call out the democrats for all of their accommodations to special interests and do it better and more efficiency. congressman paul, am i naive or dilutional? or is there a huge opportunity for the republicans to actually achieve relate health reform, to actually achieve real energy independents, to actually achieve real restoration of the banking regulation to the satisfaction of the american people? >> caller: well, you would think so. but i'm not convinced yet. the republicans are real good at stating that they're for limited government. and i think the people who are so upset now are upset with the government and its ineptness. but unf
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and mid-sized businesses so they can create jobs and we can put america back to work. >> you understand, richard, that it's more profitable to gamble and it's more profitable to lend credit card money at 20% than it is to lend to a small business at 5%? >> absolutely. and that's why wall street reform is so necessary. so that they get back to what they were supposed to be. and that's supporting the real economy that makes it. they got out of control, it's time for us to rein them back in and put us back under control. >> i want to make it clear that you're not here because you think wall street needs to be shut down? >> no, absolutely not. we need them to be a supportive character for the real economy. help us create jobs, help us rebuild the economy. help us put america back to work. >> what is your point of view on the current legislation? >> it needs to be strengthened. there are things we want to do to make it stronger. we think that right now, the big banks that are too big to fail, they make up about 63% of our gdp. and we could actually bail them out when they were that low. but
. >>> well good afternoon to you. in america today, the dow jones industrial average as you probably know has just closed over 11,000, the second straight day we've seen that of course it benefits from the 23.7 trillion dollars in windfall state support provided by you, the taxpayer, to prop things back up. the big banks of course continue to turn a blind eye to struggling americans across the country who bailed them out, now don't have jobs or houses. but the heck with it. the white house will be setting, the setting for a bipartisan financial reform summit that convenes tomorrow. but like everything that we see from washington, you and i both know this, the debate leading up to the big meetings is nothing but partisan and largely false reform. those doing the debating are still missing the biggest cause of the financial meltdown in the first place, because that's where the banks make all the money and that's where the political money comes from. and if you deal with the problem, you're not going to get the money. who wants that? people like treasury secretary, timothy geithner, ran the fed
big stories in america today, both with big implications for how we as a country and as a government define capitalism in this country. and we're talking about both of them right now. first, the senate just minutes away from a second vote to open up the financial reform bill to a legitimate floor debate. will the white knights like bernie sanders be given the opportunity to improve legislation through a provision to break up the banks and stop the cops working for the crooks. we've got our eyes and ears on capitol hill and we'll be talking to republican senator, jim bunning, live in the moments to come as to what the republican alternative plan may be. >>> but first, just feet away from the senate floor, the top bosses at goldman sachs getting grilled by a senate committee, about their pro tensionally fraudulent mortgage deals, in what's turned into a marathon hearing. one by one, starting with the fabulous fab himself, goldman executives all day. maintaining they did nothing wrong. >> i deny category gically the s.e.c.'s allegations and i will defend myself in court against this fal
of interest that exists right now to the advantage of the finance industry and the detriment of america and its future? and most importantly -- where will your senators stand on the third and biggest question of them all -- will this bill end once and for all, too big to fail? we need a law that stops all of us from being held hostage by the big banks so that they can then extort us for the future wealth of our country by the trillion. a big that doth simply create a slush fund or a fraternity for the next time the banks exploit their special privileges at the u.s. government and take down the system, which is the democrats' current version of a plan. and we don't, need a bill that doesn't simply say, let them fail. because we both know that's cheap talk from the republicans. fortunately for us, there are lawmakers who understand the conversation that you are having now and have been having for sometime now. senators like ted kaufmann, maria cantwell, sherrod brown. >> we do it even if the behemoth banks don't like it. even if wall street lobbyists don't like it. even if most of my repu
you bet, the more money that you will make. if you bet on every house in america, that's worth more than any every car. if i keep all of the winnings and stick you with all of the losses, you being all of us, why is that legal, and why is our political leadership still refused to make that illegal? >> well, we haven't yet done financial reform in the senate. we're going do that. and there are some us of who feel strongly the naked swaps, that's just flat-out gambling. we ought not to be doing that and putting the american people at risks which is what happens with respect to these. so gives a chance to get through the effort here in the senate. and watch what the amendments are. but i think most americans understand, we can't go through another decade like this. and we can't have hanging over our head the potential when other collapse of the type that we've seen. >> but you understand -- >> and ways to fix it. >> but you understand that real reform will meaningful reduce the bank's risk of making money of making naked swaps? >> well i hope so. they make money in certain circumstance
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Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22